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the impact of coronavirus on technology

the impact of coronavirus on technology

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Since most tech companies rely heavily on Chinese industry for component manufacturing and assembly, it is not surprising that tech heavyweights like Apple and Xiaomi have publicly announced that the epidemic of COVID-19 would affect their results for the current quarter.

 Huawei, which is also presumed to be highly exposed to the impact of the crisis, has not yet made an announcement, as has the market leader Samsung, which, according to some, could even benefit from the crisis.

 The South Korean electronics giant has outsourced a large part of its smartphone production to Vietnam in recent years and closed its last factory dedicated to the production of mobile phones in China at the end of 2019.

Newspaper market share Chinese who fell to 1% last year, Samsung should not really be affected by the store closings and falling demand in China which will affect most of its rivals. Market research firm TrendForce predicts global smartphone production is expected to be 10% below original forecast for the first quarter due to the COVID-19 epidemic. As our infographic shows, the negative effects of this crisis will not be limited to the smartphone industry, however. Laptops, video game consoles and connected devices (speakers, watches) are all expected to experience at least a 10% drop in sales volume expected this quarter.

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